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Buy shotgun online europe

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buy guns online europe

buy firearms online eu

Shop the largest selection of shotguns available online. Find single-shot, double-barrel, semi-automatic, pump-action shotguns and more.

Shotguns are probably the most versatile type of firearm overall. Not only can they be used for clay target shooting, defensive, and tactical use, but they are astonishingly diverse in the way they can be used for hunting. In fact, the first historical use of the buy shotgun online europe was for hunting.

The initial development of firearms related to today’s shotgun occurred in 16th-century Europe, where large, smoothbore, muzzle-loading firearms began to be loaded with multiple, small lead pellets (known as “shot”), and were used primarily to hunt birds (hence they became known as “fowling pieces”). These “fowling pieces” gradually morphed into more portable, dedicated shotguns by the late 18th century, and the shotgun “shell” or self-contained cartridge was available by the latter half of the 19th century.

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